Unraveling The Sin Of Captain Okunbo’s Decent, Enviable Lifestyle

 Captain Okunbo remains one of the few incorruptible billionaires, who made his money some 30 years ago, with a consistent lifestyle, steeped in hard work, affluence, generosity and philanthropy.
Patrick Ochoga unravels the reason why his traducers have remained unrelenting in their fruitless efforts to dig up what is tawdry, smelly and non- existent, just to smear him, especially, their penchant for linking him with what he’s never had business with.

Those who are familiar with billionaire businessman, Captain Okunbo, can vauch that he is one gentleman and philanthropist that put much effort and sacrifice into growing his businesses.

It is a known fact that the Bini-beaded chief, at a time, took the risk to sell one of his private jets and diverted the proceeds to build the biggest and successful greenhouse farm in Nigeria. As a trained commercial pilot, he, in 1988, retired from piloting at the age of 30, having logged over 7,000 hours of flight time.

He then ventured into private business. Through the years, the business magnate has invested in various sectors of the economy – agro-allied, petroleum, telecommunication, power, real estate and banking. His most notable business is Ocean Maritime Security Limited, (OMSL), an offshore asset protection company. Over the years, the OMSL has gone further to provide premier security solutions that help to promote a safe business environment not only in Nigeria but in the entire West African Coast.

As a kind hearted and respectable personality, he gave and supported all those who crossed his part. In fact, in a matter of few years ‘Cappy’ as he is fondly called by his numerous admirers became a household name not only in the South-South geo- political zone but also in Nigeria and in the business circle.
Little wonder, that his GRA palatial residence became a mecca of sort, as many, irrespective of tribe, religion or creed, thronged in to have audience with a man they saw as a burden bearer.
Captain Okunbor, having commandeered the air, the sea, has also come to land to dominate, divesting not only into the agricultural sector but as well into entertainment (being the executive producer of the award-winning movie, Black November), hospitality and hotels, energy, and telecommunications.

These activities in multiple sectors, without doubt, consumed a lot of personal energy and time, yet Captain Okunbor still provides himself for activities of the people and for the people. He attends ceremonies, he donates to the less privileged, and empowers startups, making his wealth go round and uplifting the society.

His Albatross
Pause a moment and spare a thought for some of the undeserving attacks on the person of this Edo State billionaire and philanthropist, Captain Idahosa Wells Okunbo, and ask yourself: why is Captain Hosa suddenly an issue in the state’s body polity?
Curiously, his only sin is that he remains one of the few incorruptible billionaires, who started made mponey so early with a consistent lifestyle, steeped in hard work, affluence, generosity, philanthropy, sympathy and the fear of God.
Now, let’s get it straight. As simple as all these may sound, they do not come easy. Operating in an environment, where sleaze, manipulation and official corruption are a norm, it’s hard to find individuals, who are better than the system that raised and produced them.
This is where Captain Okunbo is different and incidentally, it is also the reason his traducers have remained unrelenting in their fruitless efforts to dig up what is tawdry, smelly and non- existent, just to smear him, especially, their penchant for linking him with what he’s never had business with.
For his followers, the traducers of this rare creature would have to try harder to bring down a man, meticulously sculpted by God for a specific assignment on earth.
A pride of his people and sincere patriot by all standards, the good people of Edo, today, are proud to have one of God’s uncommon creatures amongst them. Humble, self-effacing and not by any stroke of imagination conceited, it is curious to know why his haters have refused to admit that Captain Hosa has paid his dues to deserve his current station in any human rating.

Saddly, this rare gem least expected that his ordeal, about 25 year ago with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency , NDLEA, on account of a petition which alleged he was a drug baron will today be used to blackmail, mudsling all in a bid to malign his character and hard earned reputation.

Only recently, one Marvelous Zibiri, ignorantly fell to the cheap antic of some politician and posted a viral damning story in the social media, defaming the character of Capt Hosa.
In the widely circulated post in the social media, Zibiri accused Hosa of arms and drug dealings through which he is financing the political ambition of a governorship candidate in the forthcoming September 2020 election in the state.
The Verdict
Morayo Lebi,Capt. Hosa’s lawyer who acknowledged that he was arrested by the then Major General Musa Bamaiyi -led NDLEA based on an anonymous petition averred that the petition was an attempt by his client’s envious business associates to frame him up”.

He said, “consequently, Capt.  Hosa was arrested by the NDLEA on February 18, 1995. He was said to have been thoroughly interrogated and investigated. But when no trail of evidence was found connecting him with drug trafficking, he was released on March 7, 1995.”

“Apparently, the petitioners were ready to do him in; so they pressed their buttons to ensure my client was re-arrested and kept in custody in perpetuity until we went to court to seek his release

NDLEA officer, Segun Roland, who as a member of the Agency’s Task Force and was assigned personally by the chairman,  Bamaiyi to handle the case said Capt.  Hosa was re- arrested on April 4, 1995, and held captive for almost eight months and when they could not establish a prima facie case against him, he was discharged and acquitted by the Military Tribunal.

“Honorable Justice  Tijanni Abdullahi delivering judgment in the charge No MOT/2/163/95 said, “The prosecution has not made out a prima facie case against the accused person that would warrant the Tribunal to ask him to defend himself.”

He therefore, discharged and acquitted Capt. Hosa under rule 6(3) of the miscellaneous offence, Tribunal Rules of Procedure on all the three counts.

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